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Are your energy bills increasingly high? Do you have areas of your home that are difficult to heat or cool? Maybe you notice inconsistent indoor humidity levels, your ducts are located in a cooler area of your home, or you see tangles or kinks in your flexible ducts. These are a few signs that you may need to have your home’s ductwork sealed. The older your HVAC system is, the higher the chances that duct sealing may be necessary.

If you suspect that you need duct sealing assistance in Surprise, AZ, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Grand Canyon Home Services. Our skilled and experienced technicians offer efficient, effective solutions, as well as guaranteed customer satisfaction, prompt and friendly service, and long-lasting results.

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Quality Duct Sealing Services

It’s best to have duct sealing done by a professional to ensure that the job is done correctly and completely. Sealing each and every hole and gap is important in achieving maximum results. Grand Canyon Home Services promises comprehensive duct sealing services to Surprise residents. When you work with us, we get the job done right. Duct sealing offers benefits that include cost savings by lowering your energy bill, increased energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, reduction of indoor air contaminants, improved home comfort, increased safety with the prevention of backdrafting gases, and more.

When to Consider Duct Sealing Repair

Over time, and as your ductwork ages, your ducts experience wear and tear. Separated joints might also occur in areas where ducts meet surfaces. Fluctuating home temperatures, inconsistent indoor air flow, leaking ducts, and visible holes or cracks in your ductwork are good indications that you may need duct sealing services. Different duct-sealing methods last for different lengths of time, but most will last at least 20 years before the process needs to be repeated.

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Is An Aeroseal System Right For You?

Because Aeroseal services seal the duct from the inside, our technicians don’t need to access the duct to seal it. This is highly convenient for homes with inaccessible ducts. Aeroseal is also an excellent diagnostic tool, allowing experts to hear and feel where leaks are coming from, although it is only effective at sealing small holes. While Aeroseal duct sealing services are typically more expensive than other duct-sealing methods, the application can be worth it depending on the extent of your sealing needs, and the condition and position of your ductwork.

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