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Grand Canyon Home Services is a locally owned and operated HVAC company that's served residents in Glendale and the West Valley for nearly two decades. Our motto is prompt, professional service you can trust! We want to be your go-to heating and cooling solution, so we offer honest, competitive upfront pricing, flexible scheduling, and same-day service.

We work with the most reliable brands in the industry, like Trane, Carrier, York, Goodman, Rheem, and American Standard, to ensure you get the best system for your money. Turn to Grand Canyon Home Services in Glendale when you need top-rated heating and cooling, plumbing, and gas log fireplace repair and installation.

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Premier HVAC Repair & Installation Company in Glendale

Are you trying to decide between repairing or replacing your air conditioner? Let's look at the signs that replacement may be the better option.

Older air conditioners don't run as efficiently as newer models. According to, you should replace your air conditioner if it's over ten years old in favor of a more efficient model.

Reduced Energy Efficiency
If your energy bills seem like they're rising during summer more so than usual, it could be that your air conditioner isn't running as efficiently as it did when it was new. Sometimes, a tune-up can resolve this problem, but replacement is the better option when your air conditioner is past its prime.

Frequent Repairs
Your air conditioner will likely need replacement if you have frequent service calls and repairs because repairs usually cost more than a new system, especially if your air conditioner is over ten years old.

Installing a more efficient air conditioning system saves money on pricey repair bills and energy expenses.

If you're still unsure whether it's better to replace or repair your air conditioner, we are happy to help. Connect with us for a consultation today.

Furnace Replacement Service

Although Glendale residents may not rely as heavily on their heaters as their air conditioners, winter nights can get pretty chilly. Having a reliable furnace is crucial to maintaining your comfort year-round.

Common signs your furnace may need replacing include:

  • Excessive noise during operation
  • A sudden spike in heating bills
  • Uneven heat throughout the house
  • Poor airflow
  • Increased repair frequency
  • Your furnace is over 15 years old

Annual furnace maintenance and tune-ups will keep your system running efficiently and extend its lifespan, but eventually, you'll need to replace it.

Call the heating experts at Grand Canyon Home Services to discuss your heating replacement options.

Glendale AZ Gas Fireplace Services

Dependable Gas Log Fireplace Cleaning and Repair in Glendale, AZ.

Gas log fireplaces are an attractive option when considering how to heat a small space in your home. They're an efficient and effective way of keeping warm during those cold nights, especially during winter. They also don't impact your electricity bill much. On top of that, they can help set the mood if you feel like cozying up after a long day. We pride ourselves on providing the best gas log fireplace repair and service to our clients. Let the experts handle all of your gas log fireplace services.

From professional gas log fireplace repairs, inspections, and maintenance of your gas fireplace, Grand Canyon Home Services LLC has you covered. Call 623-444-6988 today to discuss your gas log fireplace service needs!

When You Need To Repair Your Glendale Gas Log Fireplace

Here are a few things to look out for that could indicate a gas log fireplace needs repairs:

  • Loud vibrations or banging noises come from the system while it's running.
  • The gas fireplace won't light or only stays lit for a short time.
  • A large increase in your monthly natural gas bill.
  • Strange odors are coming from the fireplace.

It's a sign that something could be seriously wrong if your gas fireplace displays any of the above symptoms. This is when you should call in a professional to see if it's time for a furnace replacement.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance on Your Natural Gas Fireplace in Glendale

Having regular maintenance checkups performed on your gas fireplace can stop many problems before they begin. If your fireplace is kept in tip-top condition, it will wear down at a much slower pace. There are three main advantages to gas fireplace maintenance:

  • Fewer repairs will be needed, which saves you money.
  • Your fireplace will have a longer lifetime and require less frequent repairs.
  • Safety. A common concern with gas fireplaces is the risk of carbon monoxide. Make sure you have a gas fireplace professional thoroughly inspect and test the fireplace annually.

Much like a traditional fireplace, while a gas log fireplace burns through each log, it's going to leave behind debris. This can have a serious effect on the indoor air quality in your building, so it's important to perform maintenance on your gas log fireplace regularly. These remains also pose the risk of spreading the fire into the rest of the building. It's best to have your gas log fireplace serviced at least once per year.

During maintenance service on your gas log fireplace, our crew members can also inspect the fireplace for any small problems or irregularities. This could include loose components, damaged vents and any other issues that may have required costly repairs down the road. We can spot a problem before it becomes a disaster.

Take our word for it, the best time to book maintenance for your furnace is just before the winter months. It will ensure your system runs smoothly when the weather is coolest.

Gas Fireplace Upgrades

We also provide gas fireplace upgrades such as installing a fan to improve heat output in the area and installing a remote control to make it even easier for you to control your fireplace. You can trust Grand Canyon Home Services for all of your high-quality, cost-effective gas fireplace repair services.

Glendale Plumbing Services

When homeowners in Glendale need a reliable residential plumber, they call Grand Canyon Home Services. Why? Because we have nearly two decades of experience and provide top-rated customer service at honest pricing.

Whether you need clogged drain repair or a hot water tank installation, you can count on us!

Hot Water Heater Replacements

The hot water heater works day and night to give your family hot water whenever you need it, so it’s helpful to know the signs that it could be failing, so you can plan on replacing it.

Here’s what to watch out for.

  • Discolored or rusty water
  • Decreased water temperature
  • Sudden rise in energy bills
  • Water leaking from the tank
  • Strange noises like popping or rumbling coming from the tank

Call the pros at Grand Canyon Home Services to inspect your system if you see these signs. We will inspect your hot water tank and determine whether repair or replacement is the best option.

Glendale Tankless Water Heater Installation

Whether your water heater is ready for replacement or working fine, there are several reasons to consider upgrading to a tankless system.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are also called on-demand water heaters because they only heat the water as needed. This method saves more energy than a traditional water heater that heats and stores a large volume of water 24 hours a day.

Lower Utility Bills

Many homeowners are becoming more energy-conscious because of the rising electricity and gas costs. Because tankless water heaters are more efficient, they use less energy, helping to lower your monthly expenses.

Longer Lifespan

Tankless water heaters indeed cost more to install than traditional models, but they can last up to twice as long, making them a much better value for your money.

Unlimited Hot Water

If you’ve ever been frustrated by running out of hot water when you need it most, you’ll love the unlimited supply of hot water you get from a tankless system.

Space Savings

Storage tank water heaters are bulky and take up a lot of room in your house, while tankless systems are about the size of a suitcase and can be wall-mounted out of the way to free up space.

If a tankless water heater installation sounds right for you, call us to discuss your options.

Drain Cleaning Services in Glendale, AZ

Most people don’t think about hiring a plumber to clean their drains, but there are many benefits you should consider.

Accurate Troubleshooting

If you don’t know the source of your drain problems, you can waste hours or days figuring it out.

Professional plumbers have experience and advanced tools to diagnose plumbing problems and perform repairs more quickly than someone inexperienced.

It’s Safer

When facing a clogged drain, most people reach for a chemical drain cleaner. And while these products seem effective in the short term, they can damage your pipes, causing them to leak or burst over time.

Professional plumbers use drain cleaning methods that are safe for your plumbing and more effective at removing the material causing the problem.

Plumbers are Insured

Suppose you try to fix your drain problems and cause damage in the process. Guess who’s on the hook to pay for the repairs — you!

When you hire a licensed and insured plumber, it protects you and your property from damage.

It Protects Your Plumbing

Having regular drain cleaning performed by a professional plumber protects your pipes from hazards like leaks that happen when pressure builds up from obstructions.

The benefit is that your plumbing system remains clean and free-flowing.

When you need clogged drain repair, save time and money by calling the expert plumbers at Grand Canyon Home Services.

Prompt, Professional Service You Can Trust in Glendale

Why work with Grand Canyon Home Services? We are Glendale's go-to company for all things cooling, plumbing, and more for a few reasons:

Straightforward Pricing - We believe in honesty and integrity, so we always discuss pricing upfront and offer honest estimates to avoid any uncertainty on your part. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed - The last thing you want is to feel like you've wasted your hard-earned money on a repair or system installation. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee puts that fear to rest!

Same-Day Service - You have better things to do with your time than wait for a repair tech to arrive, which is why we deliver same-day service to fix your problem quickly so you can get your life back to normal. 

Call on our team today at 623-444-6988 to get started on the prompt, professional service we deliver each and every time! 

Local Reviews
for Glendale, AZ

Jose B.

Jose B.

Just finished an emergency ac repair on a Carrier air conditioner.

Near W Happy Valley Rd, Glendale, AZ 85310
Rachel B.

Rachel B.

Today, I installed an Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier in a client’s HVAC system to enhance indoor air quality and comfort. This model was integrated directly into their existing heating system, allowing for automatic humidity control throughout the entire house. The installation included setting up a digital humidistat and connecting the unit to the home's water supply. This system will maintain optimal humidity levels, reducing dry air issues during the heating season.

Near W Ironwood Dr, Glendale, AZ 85302
Nick N.

Nick N.

This afternoon, I repaired a Trane XR16 central air conditioning system that had stopped cooling properly. After diagnosing the issue, I found the compressor had failed and needed to be replaced. I carefully removed the old compressor and installed a new Trane OEM replacement, making all necessary electrical and refrigerant line connections. I then performed a full system startup and testing to verify the AC is now operating at peak efficiency and providing effective cooling for the homeowner.

Near W Ironwood Dr, Glendale, AZ 85302
Troy V.

Troy V.

Repairing a gas fireplace in Litchfield Park that will not stay lit for more than a few minutes.

Near N El Mirage Rd, Glendale, AZ 85307
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