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Fast Air Conditioning Repair Service in the West Valley, AZ

West Valley residents can't afford to be without air conditioning. If your system isn't providing the comfort you need, call Grand Canyon Home Services for fast, efficient air conditioner repair service at prices you'll love. Grand Canyon has served homeowners throughout the West Valley for over 20 years. Our certified service experts provide same-day service to fix your AC problem as quickly as possible. As a family-owned and operated company, we deliver the personalized service you can't get from the big chain contractors and the honest pricing you expect from your neighbors.

Call us at 623-444-6988 or contact us online when you need an air conditioner repair service you can trust!

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AC Repair FAQs

What does the average AC repair cost?

The typical cost of AC repair varies based on the severity of the damage, the components required, and the contractor's rates. Minor repairs, such as correcting a refrigerant leak or replacing a capacitor, may cost between $100 and $500. More expensive repairs, such as compressor replacement, might range from $1,500 to $2,500 or more. Overall, the average AC repair costs between $200 and $1,000, however this can vary greatly depending on the exact issue and location.

How do I trouble shoot my air conditioner if it won't come on?

To troubleshoot an air conditioner that won't turn on, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Thermostat: Ensure it's set to cool and below the current room temperature.
  2. Inspect Power Supply: Verify that the AC unit is receiving power and the circuit breaker is not tripped.
  3. Inspect Air Filters: Clean or replace dirty filters that may obstruct airflow.
  4. Inspect Condensate Drain: Clear any blockages in the drain line.
  5. Inspect Capacitors: Capacitors are typically cylindrical devices located in the outdoor condenser unit or inside the air handler. Check for bulging, leaking, or burnt marks on capacitors, and replace if necessary.
Why is my AC not cooling properly?

Your AC may not be cooling properly due to several reasons:

1. Dirty air filter: Restricts airflow, reducing efficiency.

2. Low refrigerant: Often due to leaks, hampering cooling ability.

3. Frozen evaporator coil: Can result from airflow issues or low refrigerant.

4. Thermostat problems: Incorrect settings or faulty sensors affect performance.

5. Blocked condenser unit: Outdoor debris hinders heat release.

6. Leaky ductwork: Causes cool air loss before reaching rooms.

7. Undersized unit: May struggle to cool effectively in extreme heat.

8. Dirty coils: Reduce heat transfer efficiency.

9. Faulty compressor: The heart of the AC system may be failing.

Why is my AC making strange noises?

Your AC may be making strange noises due to various issues:

1. Buzzing: Possibly loose parts or electrical problems.

2. Rattling: Often indicates loose components or debris in the unit.

3. Squealing: Usually a sign of belt issues or motor bearing problems.

4. Clicking: Could be a failing thermostat or control board.

5. Hissing: Might suggest a refrigerant leak.

6. Banging: Potentially a loose or broken compressor part.

7. Whistling: Often due to air leaks in ductwork.

8. Humming: Could be normal operation, but loud humming might indicate compressor issues.

9. Screaming: Possibly high internal pressure; shut off immediately and call a professional.

When to Call an AC Contractor

Fixing things around the house yourself is a great skill that can save time and money. However, some situations don’t make for good DIY projects, especially air conditioner repair.

Here are the most common air conditioner problems that warrant calling a pro.

  • Weak Airflow: If the air conditioner isn’t pumping out air with the same force it used to; your home will never get comfortable. Weak airflow doesn’t always mean your AC is dying, however. Sometimes, it's a dirty air filter that’s causing it. The quickest way to diagnose the problem is to call a certified HVAC service expert to inspect the system.

  • AC Blowing Warm Air: Somewhat related to the first problem, if your system blows warm or hot air despite the thermostat setting, it’s something you don’t want to ignore. There are many reasons this can happen, and calling a professional is the best way to diagnose the cause.

  • Strange Noises: If your air conditioner suddenly makes strange noises like screeching, rattling, or squealing, shut the system off and call a specialist as soon as possible before your air conditioner suffers irreparable damage.

  • Spike in Electric Bills: It’s normal for your electric bill to rise the more you use your air conditioner, but if your bill exceeds what you’re expecting and doesn’t come down, it could be that your AC is losing efficiency and using more power than it should to keep your home cool. Depending on your system’s age, you may be able to bring your bills back in line with an AC tune-up, but if it’s past its prime, replacement might be the better option.

If you notice these or any other strange issues with your air conditioner, don’t wait! Call the certified professionals at Grand Canyon Home Services for fast, effective repair.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Air Conditioner Maintenance

People in the West Valley depend on their air conditioners year-round, and because of that, these systems undergo a lot of stress and wear and tear. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect routine maintenance and tune-ups and pay for it when their systems malfunction.

If annual air conditioner maintenance isn't at the top of your household to-do list, here are reasons why it should be.

Maintain System Efficiency: Without routine AC maintenance, your air conditioner can lose up to 5% efficiency every year, causing your energy bills to rise and putting more stress on the system.

Increase System Lifespan: The typical air conditioner should last up to 15 years or more, but if you neglect regular maintenance, the wear and tear it undergoes will take its toll and cut that time down, forcing you to replace it sooner than you should.

Lower Energy Bills: As your air conditioner loses efficiency, it uses more energy to do its job, which means higher electricity bills for you. With regular maintenance, your system remains efficient and keeps your electric bills in line.

Mitigate Risk of System Failure: Annual air conditioner maintenance allows you to diagnose and repair minor issues before they escalate into major problems that put your system at risk of breaking down.

Contact our team today to join our Total Care Club - you'll get HVAC maintenance visits, plumbing and electrical inspections, discounts on services, and more!

Connect With the Experts for AC Maintenance, Repair, and Much More

Given our decades of experience and solid reputation for honesty and quality work, it's no wonder Grand Canyon is so highly recommended as the air conditioning repair company of choice in the West Valley! Our HVAC experts will take a look at any year or brand of air conditioning system, including ductless mini splits or heat pumps. We look forward to serving you. 

Whether you need air conditioner repair or routine maintenance, you can count on the trusted professionals at Grand Canyon Home Services. Call us today to book your appointment at 623-444-6988 .

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