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Gas Line Repair

West Valley, AZ Gas Line Services

When you need gas pipe repair or installation, be safe and trust the professionals at Grand Canyon Home Services in the West Valley, AZ! Since opening our doors nearly two decades ago, Grand Canyon Home Services has become a leading gas line repair and installation company throughout Maricopa County because of our award-winning service, fair pricing, and trustworthy technicians. Please don't take chances with DIY gas line repair or installation; trust the professionals at Grand Canyon Home Service to ensure you and your family's safety!

Call 623-444-6988 to reach a human or contact us online to get your gas line repaired quickly and safely.

Gas Pipe Line Valve

5 Signs You May Need Gas Pipe Repair

If you smell sulfur or a rotten egg odor in the house, it could mean you have a natural gas leak and must vacate the house immediately to call for help.

However, there are other signs you need to repair your gas line, and here are the top five.


Do you know how old the gas lines are in the house? You’d be surprised, but many homes have gas lines that are more than 50 years old. These outdated gas lines are more likely to develop cracks as they age, which can cause leaks. To understand what shape your gas lines are in, call a professional gas pipe repair specialist for an inspection.

Hissing Noise

As we’ve seen, a tiny amount of gas can seep out of cracks in the gas line, but the problem is that these cracks are often difficult to detect. However, the escaping gas often makes a hissing sound as it’s escaping and can alert you to leaks.


Water shouldn’t get into your gas line, but it will cause the metal pipes to rust if it happens. At first, rust is barely noticeable and won’t seem like something to be concerned about. However, it will worsen gradually and cause enough damage that you’ll have to replace the line. If you see that your gas lines are rusting, call for gas pipe replacement as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning Appliances

You probably have many household appliances that run on gas, such as your stove, water heater, and furnace. Leaks in the gas line can cause these appliances to malfunction or slow down.

Dying Plants

If you have a green thumb and suddenly notice that your household plants are wilting, you may not think it’s a gas leak that’s to blame, but it could be.

If you notice any of these signs, call Grand Canyon Home Services as soon as possible for expert gas line repair.

Why Hire a Gas Fitter To Hook Up Your Gas Appliances

There’s a lot to be said about doing household repairs yourself. It saves money and helps you learn more about fixing things. However, some household repairs should be handled by trained professionals because they’re dangerous or complex. Gas appliance installation can be both, which is why you should hire a professional gas fitter.

Still not convinced? Consider these points.

Hiring a Pro Prevents Disasters

Even though people use natural gas safely for years without issue, all it takes is one mistake for things to go up in flames. Even if you don’t burn down the house, making a mistake installing an appliance or attempting gas line repairs can cause gas leaks, which puts your family’s health in danger. When a pro does the work, you can rest easy knowing you and your family are safe.

Gas Fitters Have Training & Experience

Let’s be honest: no matter how much time you spend watching YouTube tutorials, it won’t equal a professional plumber’s schooling and experience. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Gas Fitters Will Inspect Your System

Lastly, a professional gas fitter will examine your gas lines when installing a new appliance to ensure they’re in good condition and efficient enough to feed your gas-powered devices for the best performance. Simply put: It’s in your and your family’s best interest to let a professional handle all of your gas line repair and appliance hookups.

Our customers always know they're getting top-notch service when they hire us. To book your appointment, call us at 623-444-6988 .

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