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Electrical Panel Services

Expert Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrade in the West Valley, AZ

If your home's electrical panel isn't operating properly, you risk power outages and damaging your valuable appliances and gadgets. Grand Canyon Home Services has over two decades of experience providing top-rated electrical repairs and installations for homeowners throughout the West Valley. Our expert technicians are ready to help with same-day service and flexible scheduling to work when it's convenient for you.

Grand Canyon is standing by to help you with your electrical panel repairs and upgrades. You'll always reach a live human when you call 623-444-6988 , or contact us online!

Residential Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel FAQs

Do I need to replace my fuse box?

We get this question a lot from people who own older homes that still use fuse boxes instead of breaker panels, and it’s a good one to ask.

Fuse boxes were state-of-the-art technology in homes built in the 60s and prior but have been surpassed by breaker panels, which are safer and more efficient at delivering the power required by today’s modern families.

Now, you don’t have to replace your fuse box, and it’s probably not going to explode and burn down the house, but there are many good reasons to consider upgrading.

The first thing to consider is age. Since fuse boxes haven’t been used in new homes for many years, the existing systems tend to be old. Over time, electrical connections can wear down, making the panel less efficient.

Another reason to upgrade is that breaker panels offer safety features you don’t get with fuse boxes, such as arc fault protection.

Lastly, think about how much more convenient it is to flip a breaker switch than dig around in the junk drawer to find a fuse when a circuit blows only to find out you’re out of fuses and have to go to the hardware store.

How To Know When You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

If you’re like most homeowners, you only think about your electrical panel when you have to flip a breaker or replace a fuse. However, there are a few scenarios where upgrading this crucial part of your home’s electrical system can make you safer and provide you with a more efficient system.

Here’s what to look for.

The Electrical Panel is Over 30 Years Old

The average lifespan of an electrical panel is between 25 and 40 years, with many factors determining how long it will last, including:

  • Power surges
  • Usage habits
  • Manufacturing defects

Not to sound alarmist, but aging electrical panels can be dangerous, so you should consider replacing them once it’s past their prime.

You Don’t Have Enough Amps

In most new homes, electrical systems provide 200 amps of power to meet the needs of modern life. However, older homes built before the 1960s that haven’t been updated don’t provide enough energy to help meet the needs of the typical power-hungry family.

Your Home Uses a Fuse Box

Fuse boxes were state-of-the-art technology for their time, but they’re inferior and more dangerous than breaker panels. The average fuse box only has 2 or 4 circuits available for appliances. This isn’t nearly enough to power today’s modern homes. In comparison, circuit breakers have a 24-circuit capacity.

Safety is another reason to replace the old fuse box with a breaker panel. Fuse boxes are obsolete technology, and removing an old fuse exposes both ends of the electrical connection, putting you at risk of shock or electrocution.

Last but not least, in most cities, fuse boxes don’t comply with building codes, and this means the wiring in many cases isn’t as well. Your home’s resale value will suffer if this is not addressed.

You can count on our certified technicians and our decades of experience when you need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel.

Our Electrical Panel Services

At Grand Canyon Home Services, we want to be the only electrician you’ll ever need to hire in the West Valley, which is why we offer a full slate of electrical services for your home or business, including prompt, affordable electrical panel upgrades and repairs. 

Whether you're having problems with your breaker panel or need electrical repairs, our crew members are ready to help. Call us today at 623-444-6988 to schedule service.

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