Gas Log Fireplace Services in Surprise, AZ

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A gas fireplace can be a welcomed addition to your home. However, when your unit malfunctions or needs to be cleaned, you need to schedule professional maintenance. Call the service experts at Grand Canyon Home Services for appointments in Surprise, AZ to let our experts get your fireplace up and running. We promise to arrive on time and offer upfront pricing.

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Gas Log Fireplace Issues That Require Repairs

While your gas log fireplace can add ambiance and warmth to your home or building, it can also encounter issues that can require repairs. Some common problems can include if the burner doesn’t turn on, the ignition doesn’t work, or the blower malfunctions. These should be inspected by a professional to diagnose the problem. Service experts can also address issues with soot build-up and can determine if the doors are sealed properly.

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Benefits of Gas Log Fireplaces vs Wood-Burning Units

While gas log fireplaces require certain maintenance and repairs, they need less ongoing maintenance than wood-burning units. Some advantages of gas units include:

  • Gas units do not require matches, tinder, kindling, and various sizes of wood that traditional systems need.
  • Wood-burning units also require you to store wood and keep it dry.
  • With gas systems, you also don’t have to worry about insects and other critters getting into the wood.

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Maintenance Tasks To Perform on Gas Log Fireplaces

To keep your gas log fireplace working properly, it’s essential to perform tune-up and maintenance tasks on it. These can include scheduling an annual inspection with an expert to ensure it’s working properly, and to check for common issues like gas leaks. Experts will also clean the system to remove debris from the logs, wires, and doors. Performing these tasks can keep your unit providing warmth and ambiance without causing issues.

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