Maintenance Tips To Keep the AC Running

There’s No Reason for a Faulty Air Conditioner

Proper air conditioner servicing is crucial for an efficient and smooth-running system. By implementing the air conditioner maintenance tips from this guide, homeowners will avoid getting stuck with a faulty cooling system this summer, especially since it’s so hot. Also, routine AC maintenance can help homeowners save on their cooling bills.

Check and Replace Old Air Filters

replace air filters Different types of air filters are available, and each has specific features depending on the home’s and its family’s needs. Replacing the air filter is one of the easiest and least time-consuming parts of air conditioner maintenance because after distinguishing which filter is correct for the home, a multipack can be bought and stored in the garage for swifter swaps.

It is recommended that the air filters be changed at least every three months, depending on the weather temperature and allergen aggression. In months when trees and flowers create more pollen or when the temperature is at its highest temperatures, it is advised the filters be changed once a month to ensure optimal air quality. If an air filter is not changed regularly, the air conditioner may take longer to cool air because it has to work twice as hard to pull air through a dirty, clogged filter.

Declutter the Space Around the AC

Another easy way to keep an air conditioner cooling at its most efficient is to remove all excess plants, debris, or storage from the area around the outdoor unit. This easy step can keep the air conditioner from overheating and working twice as hard to cool itself down. It also eliminates the need to worry about any heating components being too close for comfort and starting a fire.

This task is a quick one to cross off the list. A quick sweep and check of the area throughout the year can keep the monthly energy bills and the hazards low!

Schedule Routine Maintenance

schedule maintenanceRoutine maintenance from a qualified technician is recommended for a thorough investigation and servicing of the cooling system that homeowners cannot check. This checkup includes cleaning the inside and outside coils in the inside AC unit and the outside, brushing debris and build-up from vents, inspecting that the system is cooling properly, and identifying potential early issues that could become larger later on.

This inspection can be scheduled on the homeowner’s time and is recommended to be done in spring to ensure a decent time slot and no last-minute rush. These easy tips can help lower electric bills and ensure that the air conditioner will last as long, if not longer than expected.

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