How to Stay Cool On Hot Summer Nights

Save Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

Homeowners can save money on the skyrocketing costs of utility bills this summer with these AC tips from local experts. Air conditioning is one of the biggest ways that modern homes use power. 

Optimizing the AC system during the summer can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars a year on cooling costs. Scheduling maintenance and changing the filter can go a long way in promoting efficient AC performance during the hot summer months. Experts also recommend several thermostat settings to save money on the summer AC bills. 

Adjust Thermostat Temperature

The ideal thermostat temperature for the summer months is 78 degrees. This may seem high to some people, but homeowners can simultaneously use fans to make the indoor temperature more comfortable. A temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable temperature for most people. 

Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees during the summertime can save homeowners a significant amount on their power bills. Experts estimate that each degree over 72 degrees could equal 3% in savings on cooling costs. 

The thermostat should also be adjusted during the night and while away from the home to optimize energy savings. On nights when the temperature drops, homeowners can take advantage of the moderate weather by turning off the AC and opening the windows. While on summer vacation away from home, the air conditioner should be turned off to save even more money. 

Smart Thermostat Installation

thermostatThermostats control the overall function of the HVAC system. Installing a new thermostat can improve the performance of the AC for the summer months. New thermostats are more efficient than older models. 

Programmable thermostats make it easy for homeowners to adjust their thermostats at night or while away. Most new programmable thermostats connect with smartphone apps. Homeowners can adjust the temperature at home even while away from the house. 

Programmable thermostats can automate adjusting the thermostat for energy savings and convenience. Smart thermostats take optimization to the next level by learning the home’s environment and making adjustments for optimal efficiency and comfort. Homeowners can save significantly by installing a smart thermostat or programmable thermostat. 

Air Filter Replacement

filter Replacing the air filter on time promotes better indoor air quality and efficient HVAC performance. Most homes need their air filters changed every three months. However, homes with large families, pets, or smokers may want to replace their air filters monthly. 

Not changing the air filter often enough can cause reduced airflow and electric bills to increase. Eventually, the dirty filter can cause the system to break down. Dust and other debris can clog up the inside of the HVAC machinery. 

Air filters are mesh screens that filter out dust, hair, and other debris from the AC air intake. Without a clean air filter, dust and other contaminants can collect in the air ducts and then get recirculated into the air. Investing in a heavy-duty air filter can help to promote better air conditioner performance this summer. 

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