Explore 6 Fun Boiler Facts & Learn More About These Efficient Systems


A new efficient condenser-style boiler that runs on natural gas can improve your life in multiple ways. First of all, you will find yourself paying much less for fuel, and secondly, you will find yourself breathing cleaner air, as the new condenser models do allow exhaust to escape the system.

Investing in a boiler is well worth it, but first, you might want to learn a few more facts about how these boilers can be an inexpensive heating system for your home.

Boiler QuestionFact #1 – Boilers Do Not Actually Boil Water

A century ago, boiler water was heated to vapor, and that is how they originally got their name. Nowadays the water in boilers is usually heated to about sixty degrees for heating radiators.

Boilers located in freestanding water heaters can be in the range of 145 to 190 degrees.

Fact #2 – Boilers Work Using the Principles of Radiant Heat

Working BoilerThe water in your boiler system is heated by a natural gas flame, that you can switch on and off at will. The blue flame heats water in your pipes, sending up to provide warmth to all of your radiators.

Pipes may also be located behind walls, providing what it is called radiant heat. The warm water eventually cools and flows back down through your pipes to the boiler, where it is reheated and goes through the same process again.

Fact #3 – Low Water Pressure Can Affect Your Boiler

Water Pressure

Before you install a new boiler, you need to make sure that your intake from your water main has enough flow to support the boiler and your daily water use.

Otherwise, certain taps may not work or provide hot water when you need. Having your plumbing inspected by a professional can help you determine whether or not you have enough water pressure to sustain your lifestyle needs.

Not looking into this can result in the upper floors of your home being unheated.

Fact #4 – Boiler Heating Systems Do Not Add or Remove Humidity

HumidityOne of the biggest myths about boiler heating systems is that they add moisture to the air.

Technically these systems are radiant heat, which means that the heat is pulled from an outside source and heats objects such as radiators, rather than warming the air itself.

This is unlike a system such as electric heat, which automatically dries the air out. No humidity is added to your indoor air.

Fact #5 – Boilers Are Incredibly Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Boiler

Boilers are energy efficient because there is no way for the heat to escape the system, once it is warmed.

Modern condenser boilers do not let heat escape from an exhaust component called a flue.

Hot water in the pipes cool naturally and then flow back down to the boiler to be warmed all over again.

Fact #6 – Boilers Can Save You Up to 90% On Your Energy Bill

Save MoneyIf you get a water heater replacement for your 15-year old boiler with a brand-new condenser one, you can save 90% on annual costs for heating, especially if you don’t turn it up too high.

Furthermore, every time you turn down your heat a degree, you can save 10% on your heating bill in Peoria. Finally, aside from saving money and energy, a new boiler can also help your family breathe cleaner easier.

This is because they don’t pollute the air with particulates and carbon dioxide the way that older models do. Boilers that are older can be retrofitted in some cases, in which case, it is a good idea for you to consult with a professional plumber to see if this is possible, or if you should invest in a new “green” boiler.