All About Electrical Systems

Learning The Basics of Electrical Systems

Electrical systems keep a household functioning. They provide light, a source of entertainment, and the ability to run appliances such as refrigerators, chest freezers, electric stovetops and ovens, and other useful appliances and devices.

Without electrical systems, homeowners would be living much as the Amish do. Since that lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s important that homeowners understand their electrical systems, how to operate them safely, and what signs of an electrical problem are. Knowing how electrical systems work and how to keep safe if problems arise can save homeowners a headache later on.

Parts of an Electrical System

electric meterAn electrical system is made up of several different components. Some of the most important features are the electric meter, the disconnect switch, the breaker panel or electrical panel, the circuits, and the outlets.

In short, the electric meter is a meter, usually located on the outside of a home, that tells how much energy is used each month. This meter allows the electric company to gauge energy usage and understand how much to charge each home. A disconnect switch allows homeowners to turn off certain electrical currents/appliances.

The breaker panel houses all the circuit breakers, and the circuit breakers control the electricity and where it is distributed. If a breaker is flipped, part of the electricity in a home or building goes off. Each circuit controls a different area of a building or home. As everyone should know, the outlets are the wall components into which items and appliances are plugged. This allows devices to become energized and to do their intended work.

Signs of Electrical Repair Issues

burning smellThere are several signs to look out for to determine if electrical system problems are present. Some of the most common signs to look for include:

Should any of these issues become present and an electrical system problem is suspected, homeowners should contact a qualified professional immediately before the damage worsens or an electrical fire happens.

The Importance of Safety

It is not recommended for homeowners to attempt electrical work on their own or to have amateur electrical work done. In doing so, homeowners risk dangerous situations such as a fire or electric shock. That is why hiring a professional with the experience, knowledge, training, and tools to handle these issues accordingly is important.

Furthermore, it’s important to realize that circuits should never be overloaded, and neither should electrical outlets. This can cause significant electrical problems and may result in a fire if things become too overloaded. It is not wise to use extension cords to run more appliances than what an outlet should be running. Each outlet and circuit has a set number of watts and voltages that they can handle, and these numbers should be adhered to.

If homeowners are unsure about any of these issues or how best to practice electrical safety, they should consult a professional. It’s also important to have electrical repairs done by a professional electrician to avoid the risks and damages associated with DIY electrical work.

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