Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

Why Get Regular Drain Cleaning?

Slow drains, clogged pipes, and backed-up sewer lines are just some of the plumbing problems homeowners deal with from time to time, and with regular, daily use, these issues will inevitably come up at some point during homeownership. Luckily, these problems are easily fixed or preventable, especially with routine professional drain cleaning.

Homeowners don’t have to wait for a pipe to burst or the sewer line to get clogged before understanding why drain cleaning is essential to any home’s regular maintenance. This blog will discuss the importance of routine drain cleaning and the issues it can help protect against. 

Get Rid of Stubborn Clogs and Buildup

plumberWhile some try to unclog drains with DIY remedies, these attempts at clearing blockages are often not enough to clear pipes completely. Some blockages remain and continue to gather more residue, often resulting in a bigger clog that requires professional measures to clear. Fortunately, professional plumbers have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to unclog drains and prevent clogs and buildup from amassing in the future. 

Augurs and drain snakes are one way plumbers can remove clogs from the lines, while a hydro jet can be employed as a way to dislodge even the most stubborn clogs and buildup on pipe walls. Hydro jetting involves deploying a hose that sprays water in all directions, allowing the high pressure to remove clogs and clean pipes simultaneously. Drain cleaning can be used to clear clogs or prevent them from occurring.

Prevent Burst Pipes and Flooding

plumberClogged pipes can be a minor nuisance in the short term, but if left untreated, they can cause even bigger problems. Because blocked pipes cannot drain properly and pressure builds up, they can spring leaks, cause sewage to back up, or even eventually burst, which can lead to flooding that may damage not just the home’s contents but, more importantly, the integrity of the house itself. 

Homeowners can easily reduce the risks of burst pipes and flooding caused by clogs by scheduling regular drain cleaning. It is a relatively simple procedure that, if done correctly by professionals, can ensure a home doesn’t have to suffer from clogs or leaks, pipe bursts, backups, or a flooding catastrophe caused by a tough clog.

Clean Pipes Require Fewer Repairs

Routinely cleaning drains can help prevent costly repairs or cleanups due to plumbing emergencies. By removing debris that can cause clogs and backups, regular drain maintenance often eliminates the need for more invasive repairs or hazardous cleanup processes. 

Regularly cleaning a home’s plumbing makes sense if homeowners want to save themselves the headache of having to deal with a plumbing emergency. Clean, blockage-free pipes perform better and will require fewer plumbing repairs and experience fewer problems, allowing homeowners to live peacefully in a home that functions smoothly.

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